The journey to Mullin started with a problem. My friends and I love mulled wine, but we almost never make it at home. That’s because mulled wine recipes often call for expensive and seldom-used spices. Meanwhile, the beverage is typically made in large, cauldron-sized batches that would be way too much hassle for a Tuesday night.

When we started asking around, we realised others feel the same way. According to our market research, 81% of red wine drinkers love mulled wine, but a majority of these consumers drink mulled wine less than once per year.


For such a beloved beverage, people see mulled wine as “messy” and “complicated.”

We set out to make the hassle out of making mulled wine. After months of product testing, we landed on Mullin - single serve pyramid spice infusers that make mulling wine as easy as brewing a cup of tea.

Simply grab any bottle of red wine you have at home - we prefer a fruit-forward blend, but any table wine will pair well. Measure out about one cup of wine, and drop in one of our signature infusers. Then, heat up a cup of red wine on the stovetop, or even plop it in the microwave for even easier cleanup.

You want the wine to be hot, but not boiling. We find that this takes about one to two minutes on your microwave or stovetop, depending on your appliance. One your wine is hot, keep the infuser inside and steep for another three minutes.

Each tin of Mullin comes with eight spice infusers. Perfect for cozy winter nights, we’re proud to introduce an ethically-sourced product that makes it easy to wind down after a long day with a delicious, warming mug of mulled wine.