Just add wine.

Mullin's unique blend of mulling spices was produced with an obsessive attention to detail. Packaged with a rich, aromatic blend of cinnamon, clove, star anise, orange peel and stevia lea, our single-serve spice infuser makes mulling wine as easy as brewing tea.

Our story. 

Founded by Julie Hirsch, Raegan Allsbrook and Sony Salzman, Mullin began with a simple concept for a single serve mulled beverage, fueled by a desire to support fair trade farmers. Led by an all-female leadership team, Mullin is committed to supporting living wages for farmers, creating sustainable forest gardens and fostering economic opportunities for women. 

How we do it. 

Our spices are sourced from fair trade famers in Sri Lanka, bolstering the local economy while combatting the negative effects of climate change.