A small ode to natural stevia leaf. One of the greatest rewards in creating Mullin is learning about how it positively impacts people—especially in ways we never imagined. We received the sweetest review yesterday that opened up our eyes to the power of sweetening our mulled wine naturally.

Review by Alana: 

“Such a wonderful invention! I was intrigued when I stumbled across…Mullin and oh how glad I am to have found it! So quick and easy to make beautiful tasting mulled wine at home. Also as a diabetic I am delighted to know there is not any sugar or artificial sweeteners added, just the Stevia leaf. I would (and have) recommend this to others.”

One of the main characteristics of mulled wine is the sweetness. In fact it is so sweet that most recipes called for 1/2-1 cup of sugar or honey. When we were connecting Mullin we wanted to find a natural sweetener, so we experimented with whole stevia leaf and orange peels to create the recipe we use today.

We are excited to learn how Mullin can be a safe and healthy option for people like Alana. We will continue learning more about the needs of the diabetic community and how we can help provide a cozy cocktail that can be enjoyed by all.